Nanny Services

Don’t you feel a nanny is little precious when it comes to your little one? Of course because your stars are in their arms. Our childhood Nanny has left an unfading imprint on our minds. She has always been the third parent especially when you live in a nuclear family. Nannies look after children from their early stages following on from a maternity nurse or from the parents from around 3-6 months. Nannies are often responsible for duties, which include but are not limited to: looking after the baby (feeding, changing, dressing, bathing etc.) Tidying the child’s area, Sterilizing used bottles. Playing with the infant, assuring the child is stimulated, Children’s laundry, Preparing meals, Toilet training, Accompanying child for walk.

”It takes a big heart to shape a little mind”. Which can be done either by mom or by the Nanny. With utmost dedication & love. The three things that matters the most is Care ,Compassion, Cost effectiveness, you can always ensure it with There is a famous saying about Nanny “When you need me but do not want me then I must stay, when you want me but no longer need me then I have to go”.

Why Prenu?
  • Matching the requirements of Clients & Candidates.
  • Professional & Experienced Nannies
  •  Nanny flexible to your work timings
  •  We deliver hourly nanny, Night nanny, Before and After school nanny
Hourly Nanny:

You can decide the hours that your nanny works but the average is 10-12 hour day. It is a completely flexible type of childcare and you tailor it to fit in with your family perfectly. Prenu is
“”. You can now request for a nanny who can baby sit for few hours while you need that much  deserved or desired break or you need to address and unavoidable situation. Why should a new parent be coaxed to sacrifice all things once loved & cherished

Before After School Nanny:

A before and after school nanny is just that, a nanny that comes in and looks after the children before and/or after school. Her duties will be similar to those of a daily nanny but more focused on after school activities.

Night nanny:

or newborn specialist, may be hired for several weeks, or longer, following birth. Working parents may need them only on weeknights — other parents for just two or three nights weekly to catch up on rest. “Night nannies typically come into the home later in the evening and are on duty throughout the night in order to best assist the family. A night nanny who can assist you from early night to late morning is a boon to every parent – both Father & Mother. We know the simple rule – “Happy Wife. Happy Family”

Baby care home:

It becomes quite tricky to comfort a infant or to feed a picky toddler. It is quite troublesome for new moms to have someone who can show love, care & values, similar to that of a parent. This is where “Experience Proffers Dexterity”. Our nanny services reckon with the ideology of trust & reliability that is the pinnacle of our principle.

A temporary nanny :

A temporary nanny will have the same responsibilities as that of a Daily or Live in nanny but will only be with you for an agreed period of time. This type of nanny is ideal for giving relief care for your regular nanny i.e. when ill although can be utilized for many other situations. An emergency nanny is one who we find you at very short notice! Maybe your normal nanny is poorly or you have to go away at short notice for work. We recommend that at the very least you have a telephone conversation with the person that we find you, to discuss the routines and arrangements and to put your mind at rest! We only place nannies in this type of role who are used to going into situations and adapting to them very quickly.

What Is the Nanny-Family Relationship?

It is very essential to have a strong bonding between Nanny & Parent. You may be the parent of your child. But she is more than parent to your child. So care her, love her, be good with her all the time. Ultimately she ensures the safety, health & well being of your child.