Live-in Nannies

A ‘live-in’ nanny is less common today than it was in the past. Our live-in nannies are responsible for the day-to-day care of the children in their care. Their duties include everything to do with the children, such as keeping the children’s room and belongings clean, supervising homework and preparing the children’s meals. They also escort the kids to school and back. Our live-in nannies are available to you and your kids 24 hours a day unless otherwise indicated in their employment contract.

A Live-In Nanny Will Offer The Following Services With Full Competence

Massage Services For Mom and Baby by Live-in Nanny Care

No, we are not the ones, who believing what’s the big deal in massaging a baby. We know what health benefits are associated with it and how proper strokes can help in the growth of the baby. This is exactly why at, every nanny is especially trained in massaging techniques for both mother and the baby. Massaging the new mother helps her to speedily recover from the traumatic birth process and ensures better baby health.

We offer tailored, gentle baby massages for mom and baby in scheduled sessions of 90 to 120 minutes and 120 to 240 minutes, for 40 full days.

A live-in Nanny for Baby Care Services for infants & toddlers

We provide a professional nanny to take care of your child at your home, in the presence of your family, to ensure the total comfort of the child.

We are happy to provide gentle and professional care of your new-born infants and toddlers, following all the recommendations of your pediatrician. Our nanny will make sure to:


  • Sterilize child’s things such as bottle, nipple and other things that come in contact with the child.
  •  Do massage and Bath the child gently in warm water
  • Burp the baby gently after every feed & put him/her to sleep
  • Feed the child its milk or cereal according to age
  • Clean child’s room, wash & iron child’s clothes
  •  Taking the child out for a stroll in the evenings
  •  Help the child learn about its environment through picture books, toys and sounds
  • Be vigilante for signs of emotional or developmental problems in the child and inform the parents when required
  • Maintain detailed records of the child’s routines and its physical, emotional and intellectual progress

Our nannies are qualified, experienced and are fully aware of the common health issues that children can develop. They are specifically trained to watch out for symptoms of baby illness such as rashes, coughing, colic and more.

Also our professional childcare workers are trained to inculcate basic manners into toddlers by rewarding good behavior. They read to them so that the toddlers get used to the cadence of speech. They also teach little ones to share toys with others and play as a group.

1.  A live-in Nanny as your Babysitter

Our nannies will handle the duties that you give them, according to your needs. A babysitter is generally expected to perform several common duties, at any home. Most of our clients request babysitters who are comfortable performing the following duties:

  • Plan and prepare meals for the children in their care
  • Shop for the children’s clothing, toys, food, educational items and so on along with the parents or following their instructions.
  •  Give the children a bath and dress them as per parents’ instructions.
  • Wash and maintain children’s clothing and bed clothes hygienically.
  • Organize play activities for the children and take them to play with other kids at the park or community play area.
  • Discipline the children using methods approved by the parents.
  • Monitor the children’s nap times and meal times as instructed by the parents
  • Keep the kitchen clean and hygienic each time after use during work hours
  • Plan and organize family events as directed by the parents.
  • Escort the children to school and bring them back safely has now spread its wings to the capital city of Mumbai. We have helped so many families with trusted live-in home care already. Try us now to live a carefree, happy life knowing that your child is in good hands.

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