Journey of Newmom to SUPERMOM with

Easy Transition For New Mothers To Supermoms

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world.The Phase that is   incomparable to any .All The warmth that rushes through you when you hold your little bundle of joy for the first time is incomparable to anything. The new mother is often overwhelmed with the feeling, and it is not uncommon to find her feeling emotional, in pain or even suffering post-partum depression. At this juncture in life she needs a little help from loving people around her.

The icing on the cake is if she has her family around her, a mom or mom-in-law who is more than happy to help and guide her to navigate the maze of parenting a new born. There are so many things that need help with. The physical trauma of childbirth and accompanying emotional roller coaster is best handled by the father and rest of the family, but help is at hand for the other mundane but equally important jobs that the household needs done at this point in time. It is so comfortable to appoint a nanny to help you. The help will be really appreciated if your parents and in-laws need to go back to their homes after a while and you have to handle the situation alone. The spouse also has limited paternity leave, remember! come to wipe off the agonies that each newmom come across when they are away from their Mom.We ensure the comfort of them by our experienced  Nannies well versed with in & out of infant care,Toddler care,Babymassage,Burping,Bathing, feeding,Making the baby sleep,Cuddling with baby,and most important to understand each and every gestures of your little one’s

Getting organized in the first few months

The first few months after having a baby are the most crucial. All your routine tasks are disrupted by the baby’s arrival. The new born has no fixed schedule but is fed and sleeps on demand. The mother is often deprived of rest and sleep. This leads to mild irritation and a constant dearth of time. A trained nanny  is often a God send. She is trained to handle the baby, as well as the related chores with aplomb.

The nanny can also help in streamlining your household chores. Once the jobs related with the baby are taken of, the mom can get a chance to relax and pursue any activity of her interest. This can help in relaxing her. Small things like the freedom to go out for a dinner and sit with your husband without worrying about your baby is a luxury that has to be felt to be believed.

The baby can have minor health issues like a cold, colic and such can take a toll on the peace of mind of the new mother. The nanny who has some experience in handling babies can administer some small home grown remedies to ease the baby’s discomfort. Thus the new mom starts on her journey to become super mom. The baby is handled with care and soon the chores are in a routine and the house is clean!

The new mom can catch a nap or watch television or indulge in a massage. This keeps her happy and healthy and she can bless her nanny for the effort. The monetary outlay is well worth the effort of being away from frazzled nerves and strung tempers. If there is an elder child in the family, it is often a double blessing to have another pair of hands sharing the load.

Being Supermom

A well-managed household is one of the first steps in creating a super mom out of a new mom. The mother can read up books on parenting and be part of self help groups that help with myriad parenting issues. Breast feeding is often a topic of great concern for the new mother. Some mothers just take a few days to adjust to a robust feeding schedule, but some babies and mothers need time to adjust and settle down to a routine. A well trained nanny can often be a hands on help. She would probably have helped many moms learn the tricks of being a mom to a new born and maybe is a mom herself!

Mothers to slightly older children may find themselves with a different set of issues. The toddler may be in the process of weaning or teething. These times often make the child cranky and irritable and can be stressful to the new mom. The help of the nanny to calm the kid and generally be a help around the house can help a new mom adapt to being a super mom who can handle everything.

The child also bonds with the nanny and spends part of the day with her. This creates diversity in the manner that the child interacts. The child leaves the mom open to new interests, going back to her career plans faster than possible. It also keeps the mother in a good frame of mind. The freedom to follow a different pursuit keeps her cheerful and happy. She spends quality time with her child and has help to manage the more mundane and manual jobs, making her an easy contender for a super mom.

The art of organization

The mantra to become a supermom has one solid basis. It is time management. Once you settle into a well managed routine, albeit with a little help from your helping hand of a nanny, the task becomes easy. Once the baby settles into a routine, you can manage the tasks in the day with a plan. A well planned day is one of the characteristics of a Super mom.

If you find the time and energy to keep your home well looked after, hot food on the table, washed diapers in the basket, clean clothes for your family and still find the time to look after yourself and your personal me time, you definitely can be qualified as a Super Mom. This requires us to understand that you do not need to do it alone. Your baby does not need you 24*7 after the initial months and you will be a happier mom if you can delegate some part of the work to a responsible person.

It is a fact that happy moms are Super moms, and happy you can be if you spend your time and energy wisely.

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