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Problems Seen On New-Born On Which Parents Get Embarrassed

Babies are a joy and watching them grow can be sheer bliss. New parents can gush about their babies and for the first few years you seem to be only doing things with your little one. While most of the times you will have a great time with your infant there are often such moments that may embarrass you.

Foul Smells and Vomiting Episodes

Changing your baby’s diaper in public restrooms can be embarrassing at times. The baby can have smelly farts and the smell can be bad. The new born can have digestion issues and the first poop after the meconium is passed can be very smelly. Diaper leaks and spills can be quite embarrassing too, especially if it involves dirtying your or other people’s clothes too.

Babies puke quite often and there is no big deal about it. It can be a source of quiet embarrassment if the vomit is directed at someone’s clothes. Overfed babies can also have what is called projectile vomiting, that can be a little scary too. This may lead to your baby spitting or vomiting on others even from a distance. Some parents go into a tizzy about it, although, it is generally okay if you are a part of a social group who are parents too!

New Borns Can Be Noisy 

We are so much in love with our children that every noise or gurgle they make is music to our ears. But when new parents interact with others, these loud noises can be a source of embarrassment to them. The baby talk can pursue when in company and can be a red face moments for them.

The parents should be aware that they are in company and should restrict the nonsensical noises and talk with their babies. They may inadvertently shame themselves for looking like idiots if they are in their workplace and on the phone with the baby.

New Borns Can Grab At Other People

New borns do not recognize their parents for the first few months so a few interactions with other adults can be embarrassing for the parents at times. You might find your little one grabbing at a lady’s breasts or even at someone’s hair. It might create a moment that can be laugh worthy and be a source of laughter or embarrassment.

These episodes are well worth the laughter and can be the base for many a story for a lifetime. New borns are the pride and joy of their parents and the precious moments you spend with them become special memories for ever.


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